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Our Profile
RURAL DEVELOPMENT & RESEARCH CENTRE ( RDRC ) was founded on 26th November 1998 and Registered under Public Charitable Trust Act 1950 & Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 as a non-communal, non-government and non-political organization by a group of dedicated persons working in the field of rural development. RDRC's sincere efforts have been reciprocated by various communities. It is working in the form of community development action, mobilizing outside and local resources, being a genuinely development oriented organization, RDRC has been able to play the role a CATALYST in its operational area and garner public support for its quality work, transparency and dedication.
RDRC has established good relations with Government agencies, local intellectuals and elected representatives. It is working towards creating an interface between the communities' women, poor and marginalized, on one hand and the government officials, elected representatives and intellectuals of the area, on the other.

RDRC is already into its 13 years of operations, during this period RDRC has carved out a niche for itself in the development sector through its long standing commitments on some key social and human development issues coupled with good Programme strategies.
Since its inception, RDRC is working towards facilitating community level development action groups, especially women, children and other underprivileged. Mobilization of women through formation of villages groups for economic regeneration Programme has yielded positive results. The key areas identified for interventions are watershed development, wasteland development, local resource management, health, hygiene and environmental sanitation, education, gender, women empowerment, capacity building training programme for all stake holders, sustainable livelihood programmes and other issues concerning the deprived class of the society. Our effort resulted in long lasting association with Government and Quasi Government agencies and also the communities and groups with whom we have worked all these years.
While implementing different developmental projects, our thrust has always been to secure peoples participation by using local knowledge, local and cost-effective technology and other indigenous resources. We, as an organization always believe in the capacities and capabilities of the communities and always strive to channel the hidden and dormant energies of the people for the betterment of the societies at large. Our efforts are always directed in the direction of creating an environment conducive of giving opportunities to local people to think and act positively. We always focused to develop skills and competencies of local communities with a view to enable them to manage, operate and maintain the assets, created through the implementation of various projects on sustainable basis.
Though the founders of the organization were quite young in the field at that time, but were highly motivated towards building initiative for promoting community level development action, appropriate technologies for bringing about sustainable change in the Country. It is quite an irony that our Country is still regarded as poverty stricken, with one of the poorest ranking amongst the nations of the World. The resource strength of the Country and its hard working Citizens with intelligence and ability match the best in the World. Nevertheless, so far RURAL DEVELOPMENT & RESEARCH CENTRE could not ensure equitable distribution of wealth through our system.
The focus of operation from the initial years therefore was on the community and due effort was made to un-change its capacities by providing the poor suitable option choices. The initiative also aimed to bring together like-minded people and institution, believing in the same approach and committed towards poverty alleviation- a shared concern. A genuinely development oriented Organization is expected to work as a catalytic agent triggering a chain reaction without actually being a part of it. This is actually easier said than done. It was therefore another challenging task before the Organization to ensure that it mobilizes people and facilitate the community action enabling it to decide for itself what is best for it and never impose any external judgment in value system.
The RDRC, implemented several numbers of training programmes for income generation activities and also formed 28 numbers of Self Help Groups for economic up-liftment for the needy and underprivileged. The groups were formed in Kutch and Ahmedabad districts of Gujarat. At the same time, the organization also conducted 10 Nos. capacity building training programmes for the project partners. The concept of the programme was the development of the group members, so that, the project partners could start their own venture.

In this process, RDRC initiated two types of interventions :
For Women :
Formation of groups, offering capacity building training programme to identify the potential business for the needy along with programmes to set up marketing linkages for that. This type of intervention was experimented in Kutch dist and some parts of Ahmedabad. The overall success rate of the intervention was quite satisfactory.
For Youths :
who are not in a position of "Tapping" the local resources due to lack of entrepreneurial competencies. For them, RURAL DEVELOPMENT & RESEARCH CENTRE offered different types of training programmes, under the programme the organization also covered two types of entrepreneurs- First generation entrepreneurs and existing entrepreneurs, who need some extra support for running their enterprise smoothly.